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Terms and Conditions

Main Terms and Conditions

Client (Player) - This is the person who is betting with bookmaker company.

Bet - Agreement made between clients and bookmakers according to which the one who loses must accomplish the part of agreement. Agreement is made by accepting bets on conditions offered by bookmakers.

Line - It is the events with coeficients for winnings which are offered by bookmakers.

Bet - Money lent by Player to bookmaker company, which gives garantee that Player will complete his part of agreement.

Result - result of event, which was used to make bet.

Winning Coeficients are offered by bookmaker company and shows which amount of money player gets if he wins.

Main Conditions

1. Bookmaker Company Redbet24 Entertainment Inc is working under the laws of country of registration, Costa Rica. Players have unlimited rights to play games in internet; however, the players agree that they are personally responsible for any possible restrictions that can apply on the country of residence of the player, related to gambling in internet.

2. Bookmaker Company Redbet24 Entertainment Inc is allowed to make any changes or additons to the current rules without any notification. Members will be notified accordingly. Conditions for bets made previous the changes will remain estable, but those made after changes will follow the new conditions.

3. Player should present the real personal information in the moment of registration. Bookmaker Company Redbet24 Entertainment Inc can ask documents that confirm the information provided in the registration and financial operations, at any moment that Bookmaker considers them necessary. In this case, player is obligated to present the requiested documents. This rule maximizes the security for our clients.

4. Player has the right to register only one account in our system. The registration of two or more accounts by the same person is prohibited.

5. Identification of player on site Bookmaker Company Redbet24 Entertainment Inc and access to gaming account is made by using Login and Password that are chosen by player in the moment of registration. Player is responsible for saving this information and not allowed to give it to other people in order to play behalf on player's name. Any action made using Login and Password is considered by Bookmaker Company Redbet24 Entertainment Inc, as if it is made by player. Player cannot demand cancelation of financial transaction on player's account, if this transaction was made using player's Login and Password.

6. Bookmaker Company Redbet24 Entertainment Inc does not have any responsibility for any damage or losses caused as a result of using the present site or content of this site. Also everything related to the use (or incorrect use) of the content of site by any person, the incapacity to be connected to the site or to use it, the delays in its functioning or transmission of data, the failures in the lines of communications, any error or missing in the content of the site.

Finantial Operations

1. Player has the right to take out money only from the payment system, in where previously he was depositing money. If before, player was depositing money using different payment systems, the payout of money to some specific payment system cannot exceed the sum of original deposit. It is possible to share winnings between payment systems proportionally to the value of money won by player, depending on the current state of account and on decision of the administrator of Bookmaker Company. Any attempts to use our site as the on-line exchanger are not allowed.

2. Bookmaker Company is not taking any few for depositing or withdrawing money. However, all fees of payment system that apply when player deposit or withdraw money are paid by player. No matter if fee is taking from sender or receiver.

3. Any time, player can order withdrawing of the amount that cannot exceed the current value of money on the account. The payment is made in currency that was chosen by player in the registration.

4. There is automerchant for some payment systems. In this case the money is deposited in the account automatically. Otherwise, money is deposited on the account by administrator and it can take up to 72 hours in working days since time of depositing. Withdrawing of money is processed automatically and can take up to 5 minutes, if your withdraw can't be made for more than 5 minutes, it will be done within 48 hours in working days.

5. Minimal withdrawal amount: 0.01 dollar.

Conditions of Accepting Bets

1. The minimum amount of single bet is 0.05 dollar. The maximum amount of single bet is 2000 dollars.

2. The winnings are credited after announcing of results of sport events on official sites. Results of some games are verified manually, so in this case, calculation of results can take up to 48 hours since time of finishing game.

3. If game was canceled or stopped and not finished during day, original value of these bets is returned to the account and excluded from express bets.

4. In the case of moving game on neutral field, bets are valid. If game was moved to the field of command who was guest in original game, the best are returned. This rule apply for games with teams from different cities and internacional games.

5. In the case of cancelling or changing results, the original result is that one valid.

6. If one of the players in tennis game, for any reason stops to play in all sets that remains, it will be counted like a lost of the player who was stopping. If player rejects to play before the game, the bets are returned.

7. The results count like valid if they are announced on official sources.

8. Player should check that the slip is filled correctly because if there is a mistake, betting company can return the bet, no matter what is the reason of the mistake.

9. Bets are accepted on main time of game.

10. Betting company can return a bet, even after knowing the results of game, in the case that there was a visible mistake in coeficients.

11. The current score, time, game statistics and other Live-betting data on the Company's website are not official, may be inaccurate or are delayed in time. This information is is provided "AS IS". If you are making bets on the basis of this information, you are taking full responsibility and risk for the outcome of your bets on himself. Claims related to the inaccuracy of the information provided will not be accepted. The company recommends you always use alternative sources of information.

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