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"System" - is combination of expresses, it is full list of expresses of one value with fixed number of results. There is the same value of bet on every express and the same number of results in every express. The winning in system is equal to sum of winnings of expresses which are included into system.

For example, there are three events in bet slip:

1) Winning of team Roma in game Roma - Manchester United;

2) Winning of Arsenal in game Arsenal - Liverpool;

3) Draw in game Chelse - Middelsbro.

Then, system "All doubles" will contain three bets:

1) Express "Roma win" and "Arsenal win";

2) Express "Arsenal win" and "Draw in game Chelse - Middelsbro";

3) Express "Roma win" and "Draw in game Chelse - Middelsbro".

The number shown in the slip is equal to bet's value of every one of the three expresses.

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