"Handicap" bets Topics

The number given with handicap is added to the goals of chosen team and result of bet is calculated according to the received numbers.
Special conditions for different types of games:

"Asian handicap" - without draw. Bet wins if after adding the number of handicap, the team chosen by player is winning.
Bet is returned if after adding the number of handicap, there is draw. In other cases, bet is lost. If handicap number is decimal, this exclude possibility of draw result.
Sample #1:
Roma - Manchester 1:0
Bet on Roma.
Result: 1:0 - Bet will win. 0:0 - Bet wins. 0:1 - Bet is returned. 0:2 - Bet is lost.
Sample #2:
Roma - Manchester 1.5:0
Bet on Roma.
Result: 1:0 - Bet will win. 0:0 - Bet wins. 0:1 - Bet wins. 0:2 - Bet is lost.

Hockey on ice:
"Handicap" - is similar to Asian handicap of soccer, but handicap number always consists of decimal.

Handicap is written as "-9/+9". It means if player bets on first team then the number of goal is decreased on 9. If player chooses second team then the number of goals is increased on 9.
The bets will be calculated according to this rule.

Handicap is given on games. It means that the result of game is counted according to the number of games that were won, but not the number of sets that were won. For example, if result of game was "6:2, 5:6, 5:6", then result by games would be 16:14.
Handicap number will be added to result by games and according to this result, bets are calculated.
Elena Vesnina - Elena Likhovtseva 0:1
Bet on Elena Likhovtseva
Result: 6:2, 5:6, 5:6.
In this case, the result by games 16:14. The result after adding handicap number - 16:15. The bet is lost even if Elena Likhovtseva won by sets.

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